MediCaps 420mg THC Full Spectrum Capsules


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MediCaps 420mg THC Full Spectrum Capsules

Our 420mg THC Capsules are formulated to provide a large dose of THC in one package, for those who have high tolerance or heave pain management needs. Each capsule contains 550mg of 70% THC decarboxylated Full Spectrum Extract of cannabis, similar to RSO, all in one Convenient package.


Full Spectrum THC Ingredient list: Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil – by slowly cooking the cocoa butter and plant together at a lower temperature it is able to retain components of the original plant. This process provides a complex array of cannabinoids including CBGA, THCA, CBDA and many more, each of them containing a variety of medicinal benefits.

Cocoa Butter – Made by cold pressing unroasted cacao beans, this process keeps the living enzymes intact, saving the nutrition and removing the fat. It’s then treated at a higher temperature.


Vegetable Lecithin – Can improve digestion and lower cholesterol.


Veggie Capsule – 100% plant derived material, cellulose, no preservations, vegan, gluten free, non GMO.

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