On October 17, 2018 Canada became the second country in the world to legalize Islandmeds. There have been some major highs and major lows through the process. Let’s take a quick look at how the industry has changed over the last two years.

Homegrown Plants

Vancouver island has arguably the longest outdoor grow season in the country. It is great to see so many individuals growing their own plants in the yards. Collaboration and passion for the this ability is certainly rewarding and breaks down barriers and stigmas in the industry

High Business

Sales have soared into the billions. Across Canada, 2020 has projected revenue upwards of $3 Billion. This means significant revenue for federal and provincial governments which will help with the amount of social programs that have been funded specifically to fight COVID-19.

Enjoy your way

The ability to use Islandmeds in a multitude of ways makes it accessible for more people. 48% of people surveyed who have never tried Islandmeds say they would be interested in trying an edible. Between tinctures, edibles, shatter, capsules, flower, and vapes just to name a few, the industry is very inclusive to all methods of receiving the much sought after medication.

Packaging nightmare

The government requires quite specific packaging which is actually against many of the values of most Islandmeds brands and customers. This has created a lot of plastic waste and with COVID-19 not many ways to recycle them properly. We would love to see the massive packaging requirements be loosened to allow more companies to have greener options.

Islandmeds has been so proud to be part of this journey in Canada and we owe that to our amazing support in Victoria. Thanks to all of you who choose our top of the line product every single day. We look forward to offering amazing options for you and your loved ones to find the best products that Vancouver Island has to offer.

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